DMR Repeater

CMRA has a DMR repeater at 444.425. The analog repeater formerly on this frequency is off the air as the DMR repeater has taken its place. Our initial coverage tests with a portable went very well, and we expect coverage to be as good as or even better than the previous analog coverage.

This repeater is a cooperative project between the Backyard Repeater Group (BYRG) and CMRA.

Our K0SI DMR repeater is now connected to the Brandmeister Network on the Internet. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Time Slot #2 is for the BYRG and KC Skywarn talk groups only. Please do not attempt to bring up any other talk groups on Time Slot #2. This is part of our agreement with BYRG so it is important we honor this request.

  • 31201 – BYRG
  • 31205 – KC Skywarn

Time Slot #1 normally has the following Talk Groups statically connected. (this means they are always available)

  • 31290 – MO ARES
  • 31296 – Central Missouri
  • 31297 – SW MO Skywarn

Time Slot #1 is also available if you want to bring up another talk group. Just program your radio appropriately and key it up. These dynamic talk groups will stay active for 10 minutes after you unkey. (each time you re-key, the talk group time is reset)

Most of the DMR radios available have the ability to digitally monitor all talk groups, so please be sure you transmit on the correct time slot and talk group. Using this digital monitor mode, it is easy to be able to hear all the ongoing conversations, but if you do not have the proper talk groups programmed in, they won’t hear you when you respond.

Here are the guidelines from BYRG to operate the BYRG repeaters.

  1. Remember there are 2 time slots, and while you may be using one talk group, others may be trying another.
  2. If you get a “boink” tone while trying to talk, then the time slot is occupied – you will have to wait your turn.
  3. the ONLY permitted talk groups on Time Slot 2 are 31201 BYRG and 31205 KC Skywarn – ALL others on Time Slot 1.
  4. DO NOT just bring up a talk group to listen. If you key up a talk group it has to be with the intention to have a conversation. If you do not hear a conversation worth joining, or cannot raise a conversation by identifying, then let the timer expire and reset the time slot.
  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT and WAIT again. DO NOT TAILEND. This is NOT a CW DX pileup ( we know – we have been in them). Leave time for all the devices to fall into place. If this is not happening, then it breaks.
  6. Let’s play nicely with each other…and this will grow and develop as much as we can….

For programming, you can find the appropriate code plugs on the BYRG website ( when you click the Codeplug ALA Carte Menu at the top of their homepage.

Remember to register for your DMR ID if you don’t have one already. If you don’t know whether you have an ID, you can check the database at to see if your callsign is already registered. If you don’t have an ID yet, you can register there. Please remember, you must have your own ID number and program it into your radio before you can use the DMR repeater.

For programming an Anytone portable radio, we recommend using the latest software and firmware available on the BridgeComSystems website ( They have the firmware and CPS software all rolled into one zip file for you. Scroll to the bottom, and download the latest there.

Please read your radio and save your current code plug, then upgrade your firmware as soon as possible. Updating the firmware will wipe your code plug so be sure and save it first! Using the latest firmware will ensure you are using the latest features on the Anytone.

Also, we highly recommend using the N0GSG contact manager software to build your code plug from the a la carte code plugs on the BYRG website. You can find the N0GSG Contact Manager here: (

You’ll find plenty of help documents available on the BYRG website to help you, so just look around there when you get stuck.

We’ll be glad to help you get started and answer your questions, but please try to find the answers yourself if you can. Otherwise, when you have questions you can’t find an answer to, please ask. We probably don’t have all the answers but we can help you find them 🙂


Specifications You’ll need

  • Rx 444.425
  • Tx 449.425
  • Color code 3

Special Thanks

We would like to express a special Thank You to iZones LLC for donating the internet connection used for our DMR repeater!

iZones, LLC
1301 Vandiver Dr., Suite K
Columbia, MO 65202
573-4iZones (573/449-6637)