Technician Class – Fall 2021

Get the first license for Amateur Radio “Technician”

The Central Missouri Radio Association is proud to offer this class. Discover the world of Amateur Radio – and take this class to get your entry level license.

Classes meet 4 Thursday nights, 6:30-8:30 p.m., October 21 through November 11, 2021, at the Columbia Area Career Center, 4203 S Providence (just north of Rockbridge High School), Room 151.

This course focuses on the basic knowledge needed to pass the 35 question FCC Technician license exam. This license is the gateway to a fun lifetime hobby.

The course fee is $49 which includes the cost of the license manual.

Passing the exam brings you your individual radio call sign and license from the FCC. The exam is offered  during the last class session, which is an additional $15 the night of the exam.

Click here to view the Career Center course catalog. Then scroll to find “Amateur Radio License Course- 21F” to view the course description and to sign up.

Pass the word!

Click here to view or print out the flyer for this fall’s class.

Grounding: Don’t Get Zapped!

At the April 2014 CMRA meeting Mac, K4CHS, gave an informative talk on grounding. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to view the accompanying slides due to technical difficulties. It was recommended that the slides be made available to all on this site. Thanks to Don, KM0R, for converting Mac’s presentation into PDF format. You can view the slides with or without notes by clicking on the links below. Each link will open a new window in your browser.